Technological solutions and platforms for different types of advertising campaigns, from Programmatic Advertising to special projects

We are an advertising sales agency with a strong technological vocation. With the help of our partners, we provide a customised service for buying and selling digital advertisements, managing inventory that is diversified in terms of format and structured across different devices.

advertising campaign types and technologies

Programmatic Advertising Technologies to Reach Your Audience

We exploit all the advantages of programme advertising to make the most of publishers’ inventory and find the right spaces for advertisers.

Header Bidding is a type of Programmatic Real-Time Bidding in which multiple buyers (bidders) bid for advertising impressions simultaneously. It can be implemented with a code inserted directly into the page source or activated with a server solution.

Our Bidder can be integrated into header bidding solutions operated by third parties via the downloadable adapter It sees Adasta as Buyer/Bidder without any direct concession of the auctioned inventory by the publisher.

It allows you to segment the audiences of any site, associate them with one or more specific clusters managing them during the sale phase according to data-driven logic.

We have anticipated the time to prepare for a completely cookieless context. Thanks to Contextual Targeting, you can view your ads on pages that deal with one or more specific topics, so you can be sure that they’ll be of interest to the reader.

Programmatic Advertising formats

All the formats certified by IAB, internationally recognised and representing the most widely used formats on the Desktop and Mobile side.

Mobile Interstitial, Skin (Desktop and Mobile) and In-footer ads have a greater impact that helps you engage the user thanks to dynamic effects and interactive animations.

Our solution allows the publisher to publish video content on a page by maximising user streaming and optimising monetisation.

Your tailor-made digital advertising

Native Advertising

Hybrid content and advertisements that harmonise within the editorial context where they are placed. Native Advertising: programmatic advertising

Direct Marketing

Reach your ideal customer directly, collaborating with our network of publishers in sending targeted commercial emails (DEM) and SMS messages. Direct Marketing: programmatic advertising

Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH)

Your publicity gets out there, on digital billboards and screens in the busiest areas of the city. Digital out of Home - DOOH: programmatic advertising

Advertising solutions Programming GDPR compliant

Respect for user privacy is of paramount importance to us. That’s why we only offer GDPR-compliant technological solutions, also suitable for cookieless contexts.

Technology alone isn’t enough: our team is ready to work with you to harness your potential, offering you the technical and strategic assistance you need to achieve your goals.

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