Adv formats

Your online advertising only deserves the best formats. Standard IAB, Rich Media and Video banner formats, but also special formats for targeted advertising: discover all our solutions to achieve your advertising goals.


Rich Media

Highly engaging full-page ad copy units suitable for brand storytelling.

The ad occupies the background of the website page, framing it: it’s impossible not to see it.

A non-invasive solution for a banner always visible at the bottom of the page.

IAB Standard Banner Formats

IAB-certified formats, with internationally recognised dimensions, are the most widely used formats on Desktop and Mobile devices.

Mobile Interstitial: online advertising banner formats
Skin: online advertising banner formats
In-footer: online advertising banner formats




Ads before, during, or after consumption of video editorial content.


The ad is not associated with any video content and is displayed on the page in different areas, usually in sticky mode.

In-stream: online advertising banner formats
Out-stream: online advertising banner formats

Native Advertising

Hybrid content and advertisements that harmonise within the editorial context where they are placed.

Native Advertising: online advertising banner formats
Native ADV: online advertising banner formats


Reach your ideal customer directly, collaborating with our network of publishers in sending targeted commercial emails (DEM) and SMS messages.

Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH)

Your publicity gets out there, on digital billboards and screens in the busiest areas of the city.

DEM - SMS: online advertising banner formats
DOOH: online advertising banner formats

Are you a publisher?

Are you a publisher? Discover the benefits for you and become part of our Ad Network.

I’m a publisher

programmatic advertising banner format: publisher

Are you an advertiser?

Are you an advertiser? Discover the benefits for brands, agencies and media centres.
I’m an advertiser

programmatic advertising banner format: advertiser