We assist you in the Digital Transformation of the advertising space sales model of your publications. Using Programmatic Advertising and other high-tech solutions, we provide you with the advice you need to monetise your site’s traffic effectively and efficiently. In addition, we manage format-diversified and structured inventories on different devices in an optimised manner.

How to monetize your website thanks to a digital advertising agency

We monetise your site and enhance your inventory with efficient and transparent advertising space.

Our technology ensures that banners on your page do not advertise fraudulent activity.

We zero in on advertising loading delays, maximising performance KPIs and thus the value of your space(s).

Even in cookieless contexts, we show your readers ads on related topics thanks to Contextual Targeting, while fully respecting their privacy.


Header Bidding and other innovative technologies for the sale of online advertising space

To make the most of your inventory, we have chosen only the most innovative technologies. One of these is the Header Bidding: a real-time auction between multiple buyers (bidders) where the highest bidder wins. The efficiency of this method guarantees the publisher greater profits and a fully exploited inventory. A solution that also fits your needs: we can take care of everything by inserting our code on the page or we can participate as a bidder in your header bidding solutions already in place.

Header Bidding: Programmatic Advertising

Adasta is an advertising agency you can count on

Publisher Dashboards

You will have a dedicated Dashboard where you can check the trend of the sale of your advertising space at any time.

Consulting on KPIs and optimisations

We want you to get the best results, which is why we provide ongoing advice for data-driven optimisations.

Tailor-made formats for your site

We will only propose formats that do not affect the readability of your content.

Technical service

Our dedicated team of support staff will be at your side for all technical issues.

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From entertainment to sport, from furniture to food & beverage, to finance and leisure, our network, made up of 60+ publishers, includes all the main categories of interest for each specific target audience.

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