We are an Italian digital advertising agency. We offer a variety of digital advertising solutions to achieve your visibility goals: Programmatic campaigns, but also private agreements, special projects and Out-Of-Home solutions.

programmatic advertising campaigns

From Programmatic campaigns to special projects

Your ads, displayed from the first to the last pixel

We make sure that the reader views your banner from the first to the last pixel, on all devices, by placing ads based on an analysis of user behaviour in high quality content.

No bots, no bogus page refreshes and no clickbait: the quality of our publishers’ traffic ensures that your ads are displayed to a genuinely interested audience and guarantees your brand safety.

We can guide you to get the best results based on your target audience because we know our audiences and our publishers well: you can always talk to us to optimise campaigns and for technical issues.


Web and digital advertising campaigns tailored to your goals

Programmatic Private Market Place

The PMP is a private market within a Programmatic ecosystem that allows buyers to take advantage of automation, even in a private negotiation.

It ensures the best quality of traffic from our publishers.


It gives buyers access to specific publisher audiences to whom they want to target their listing, combining Programmatic precision and control with a direct, targeted buying process.

Special projects

Publishers and brands work together for a special initiative that can be completely customised. Examples could be text links, widgets, commercial DEMs, events and on-page initiatives: thanks to our strategic consultancy, each campaign is tailor-made according to the desired objectives.

online advertising banner formats


The formats for Programmatic Advertising and beyond

We help you choose the best format for each specific communication need and deliver it in the best area of the page, both Desktop and Mobile, to the users really interested. We offer you the most high-performance and high-impact formats such as skins, pre-roll videos, display zones, but also direct marketing campaigns with SMS and DEM. We optimise ROI in each campaign by choosing publishers who produce high quality content, which maximises the time of users on the page.

  • Display (IAB and Rich Media standards)
  • Interstitial Mobile
  • Skin (Desktop and Mobile)
  • Video, Pre-Roll and In-Read
  • Native
  • SMS
  • DEM
  • Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH)

An Advertising Network that has the numbers for your success


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Our Publishers

From entertainment to sport, from furniture to food & beverage, to finance and leisure, our network, made up of 60+ publishers, includes all the main categories of interest for each specific target audience.

Digital advertising sales: our publishers

Are you a brand and want to start a new digital advertising project?

Single point of contact, many possibilities: Adasta offers many different digital advertising solutions that will enable you to achieve your brand visibility goals. We will provide you with technical assistance, strategic advice, and training to reach your audience, advising you on the right formats and the best channels.

Are you an agency and looking for a partner to bring results to your customers?

We support you with strategic advice and technical assistance to achieve the advertising objectives requested by your customers, together. We will provide you with all the information flow you need to be able to sell your product better, to be able to draw up a successful plan and to easily report your results to the customer.

Are you a Media Center and are you looking for the latest news to propose to your customers?

Experience how powerful it is to have a customised solution: include Adasta’s media in your media plan to achieve the goals you have promised your customers. If you are looking for innovative formats that you can’t purchase in automation via platforms, private agreements or special projects that must be discussed directly with the publisher, check out the formats offered by our advertising agency.

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