We manage the auction in the advertising automation ecosystem.

native, display e video marketplace.


We are a digital sales house for publishers with years of experience whose primary purpose is to efficiently monetise the ad formats that the publisher manages on the page.


Even if our name is new, we have 15 years of experience in the development of digital cross-
platform advertising and campaigns. A qualified team motivated to achieve objectives consisting in the most efficient monetisation of the available inventory and the best experience of multi-
device campaigns.


Good relations with the entities that govern market ad spend are decisive even in an era when automation via platforms governs the dynamics between demand and supply. Our relationships are an asset that we convey to publishers affiliated with us to increase the density of buyers participating in the auction and therefore the final bid price at which the impression is won.


Today advertising runs almost completely on technology platforms. Planning, purchasing, delivery, optimisation and analysis are procedures that are almost exclusively driven by system algorithms and business intelligence tools. We provide everything that is needed – even using proprietary algorithms – for the management and optimisation of diversified inventories in terms of format and structured on different devices.


We started almost 20 years ago with a name – “Comprabanner” – that made history in the earlyyears of the Italian internet. We have lived through the different ages of digital communication via display and video formats, passing through the world of Banzai (merger by incorporation) and then returning independent thanks to a spin-off that gave life to Webperformance.

Now, the digital sales house – a Webperformance business unit – has acquired operational autonomy through the establishment of a new company that presents itself to the market as Adasta Media, bringing with it the wealth of experience amassed from 2001 onwards.



Technological solution that at this point has become a market standard allowing the achievement of maximum efficiency in the allocation of available display impressions. Oursolution, based on prebid.js, is simple to integrate and reaches an auction density via “heads” that are never fewer than five Exchanges at the same time. Competition with AdX in a Google Ad Manager environment completes the maximisation of the value associated with the impression transacted.


The value that the buyer can associate with the engagement of a user who intends to voluntarily watch video content available on the page is enhanced in a context of in-stream video. We enable the publisher to integrate video content related to the host page or section using a solution that maximises the streaming and its monetisation through the Pre-roll format.


Data-driven Advertising. We have heard this several times and it is mainly associated with transactions via the Real-Time Bidding protocol (RTB). For this reason, and to adapt to the prevailing methods with which buyers purchase inventories of interest, we are able to segment the audience of any website, associating it with one or more specific clusters and managing it in the sales phase according to data-driven logic.

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